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SAP PPM for IT Management

February 14, 2013

Some features of the SAP PPM IT RDS

And just to translate: that’s SAP’s Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) IT Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS).  In the PPM space the RDS comes in two ‘flavours’: PPM for Capital Management and PPM for IT Management.  Let’s run through what’s in the PPM for IT Management RDS  and discuss some of the cases in which it would be used.

  1. The IT Management RDS covers both portfolio AND project management functions.
  2. The portfolio part of PPM for IT management is used to create strategic financial, capacity and resource management budgets.  
  3. Metrics, which are used to track the success of the project, can be captured against the portfolio items.
  4. Project Management is used for day-to-day operational project management.  The creation, against templates if needed, of phases, task and checklists is done for the project. 
  5. The Project is used for role and resource management.  The roles and resource can be planned against tasks and available, qualified individuals.
  6. PPM for IT can back-end into SAP PS WBS elements but often easier , and just as useful, to link to an internal order as the ERP financial object.

An example of the resource management capabilities in SAP PPM for IT


An example of a Gantt chart of an IT project in PPM


There are a few features to look for in an organisation which will indicate whether or not SAP PPM IT is a good fit for the IT department.  And, briefly, these are:

  1. The organisation has a PMO which is a ‘central’ team for the management of projects.
  2. The organisation is planning to, or is currently, using a solution in this space such as CA’s Clarity, HP PPM, MS EPM and/or MS Project – and would like to replace this with an SAP solution.
  3. There is a need for IT projects to be integrated with the SAP ERP system for the tracking of actual time and costs.
  4. SAP ERP has been or is currently being implemented. Stand-alone SAP PPM is possible but the real value comes from integrating to the operational system.  (And it is possible to use PPM to consolidate a portfolio that has multiple ERP operational system)

And lastly, a brief word about the RDS part.  The PPM for IT solution can be implemented within 13 weeks on a fixed price, fixed scope.  I think it’s an important solution in SAP’s portfolio and can be used to reduce an IT organisation’s, often disconnected, project management systems footprint.  




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